What we aim for:

Our mission is to support cultural and creative activities and contribute to the promotion of diverse cultural and economic activities by providing professional accounting and tax services.
By assisting mainly from an accounting and tax perspective, we aim to be a cooperative partner for business entities who are key parties in the organism of culture where people invigorate society both by demonstrating their creativity and by passing on the inherited culture.

It is our firm belief that the fostering of cultural enrichment and economic activities are inseparable and we intend to contribute to social infrastructure as both a pacemaker and accelerator by cooperating with the concerned parties through providing professional management support from both an economic and cultural viewpoint.

Through collaboration with these parties, we strive to become an impetus for the fusion of industry and creativity by supporting their proposals and accomplishments towards the society from an accounting perspective, as well as by becoming such a party from time to time.

Amidst the rapid and drastic changes being seen in our society, including recent technological developments and their impact on both industry and lifestyles, we believe that the role expected from accounting firms is also transforming. In the middle of such change, our intention is to design and provide flexible services that can meet such expected role to the fullest extent.